1 / daIv; daIv/ v (pt, pp dived; US also pt dove/dEUv; dov/)
[I, Ipr, Ip] ~ (from/off sth) (into sth); ~ (off/in) go head first into water (头先入水)跳水: He dived from the bridge to rescue the drowning child. 他从桥上跳入水中去抢救那溺水儿童.
[I, Ipr, Ip] ~ (down) (for sth) (of a submarine, diver, etc) go under water or to a deeper level under water (指潜水艇﹑ 潜水员等)潜水: The whale dived as the harpoon struck it. 鲸鱼被鱼叉射中後潜入水中. * dive for pearls 潜水采珠.
[I, Ipr, Ip] (of an aircraft) go steeply downwards (指飞行器)急剧俯冲.
[Ipr] ~ into, under, etc sth move quickly in a specified direction 向某方向冲去或奔去: dive under the bed 很快钻到床底下 * When the rain started, we dived into a cafe. 雨下了起来, 我们立即跑进了一家小餐馆.
(phr v) dive for sth move quickly towards or in search of sth 扑向某物; 急W: dive for the phone, the gun, etc 急忙过去拿听筒﹑ 枪等 * We dived for cover when the storm started. 暴风雨来临时, 我们急忙寻找躲避的地方. dive into sth/in (fml 文) (a) move one's hand quickly into sth 迅速将手伸入某物中: dive into one's pocket, briefcase, etc 立即把手伸进衣袋﹑ 公事包等. (b) involve oneself completely in sth 一心投入某事物: dive into a new project 潜心钻研一个新项目.
> diver n person who dives, esp one who works under water using a diving-suit 潜水者; (尤指)潜水员.
# `dive-bomb v [I, Tn] (of an aeroplane, a pilot, etc) drop bombs on (sth) after having dived steeply downwards (指飞机﹑ 飞行员等)俯冲轰炸. `dive-bomber n aircraft designed to do this 俯冲轰炸机.
`diving-bell n bell-shaped device supplied with air in which people can work under water 潜水钟.
`diving-board n board for diving from (跳水用的)跳板.
`diving-suit n watertight suit worn by divers with a helmet into which air can be pumped 潜水衣.