/ dI5st\:b; dI`st[b/ v [Tn]
move (sth) from a settled or usual position or state 搅乱, 弄乱(某事物): Don't disturb the papers on my desk. 别把我写字台上的文件弄乱了.
break the rest, concentration or calm of (sb/sth) 打扰, 干扰, 骚扰(某人[某事物]): She opened the door quietly so as not to disturb the sleeping child. 她轻轻地开门, 以免惊扰了睡着的孩子. * Exam in Progress Do Not Disturb 正在考试--请勿打扰 * No sound disturbed the silence of the evening. 入夜时分, 万籁俱寂.
cause (sb) to worry 使(某人)烦恼或不安: disturbing developments, reports, symptoms 使人感到不安的事态发展﹑ 报道﹑ 症状.
(idm 习语) disturb the `peace (law 律) break the law by making too much noise, quarrelling or fighting publicly, etc 扰乱治安.
> disturbed adj (psychology 心) over-reacting to stress 困扰: He is emotionally disturbed. 他情绪困扰.