/ dI5strAkt; dI`strAkt/ v [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sb (from sth) stop sb concentrating on sth 使某人分心; 分散或扰乱某人的注意力: Children are so easily distracted. 儿童的注意力很不容易集中. * Don't distract my attention I'm trying to study! 别分散我的注意力--我正要学习呢! * The film managed to distract me from these problems for a while. 这部影片分散了我的注意力, 让我暂时忘记了这些难题.
> distracted adj ~ (with/by sth) unable to concentrate properly, esp because of one's strong feelings 精神不能集中的(尤指因激动): distracted with joy, fear, sorrow, anxiety, etc 因高兴﹑ 恐惧﹑ 悲伤﹑ 忧虑等而精神不能集中. distractedly adv: He paced up and down distractedly. 他心烦意乱地踱来踱去.
distracting adj: a very distracting noise 很分散注意力的嘈杂声. distractingly adv.