2 / dI5spju:t; dI`spjut/ v
[I, Ipr] ~ (with sb) argue; debate 争论; 辩论: Some people love to dispute (with everyone). 有些人好(与人)争论.
(a) [Tn, Tw] argue about (sth) 争论(某事物): They disputed at great length what they should do. 他们对应该做什麽这一问题进行了长时间的争论. (b) [Tn] question the truth or validity of (sth) 对(某事物)的真实性或有效性提出质询: dispute a statement, claim, decision, etc 对某项陈述﹑ 要求﹑ 决定等提出质疑 * The election result was disputed. 有人对选举的结果提出了异议.
[Tn] try to stop sb winning (sth) from one; fight for (sth) 扞卫(某事物); 争夺(某物): Our soldiers disputed every inch of ground. 我方战士寸土必争.