1 / dI5spju:t; dI`spjut/ n
[U] argument; debate 争论; 辩论: There has been much dispute over the question of legalized abortion. 堕胎合法化问题引起了许多争论. * It is a matter of dispute (whether they did the right thing). (他们做得对还是不对,)这是有争议之处. * Their conclusions are open to dispute. 他们的结论可供商榷.
[C] quarrel; controversy 争吵; 争论; 辩论: religious, political, industrial, etc disputes 宗教上的争论﹑ 政治上的辩论﹑ 劳资纠纷 * a border dispute that could easily become a war 容易引发战争的边界争端.
(idm 习语) beyond/past di`spute certain 无可争辩的; 确定无疑的: Her courage is beyond all dispute. 她的勇气是无可置疑的. in di`spute that can be or is being argued about 可以争论; 在争议中: The exact cause of the accident is still in dispute. 事故的真正起因仍有争议. * Your sincerity is not in dispute. 你的诚恳是无可置辩的. in dispute (with sb) involved in a (usu industrial) dispute 涉及(通常为劳资关系上的)纠纷: We're in dispute (with the management) about overtime rates. 我们正(与资方)交涉加班费问题. without di`spute certainly 毫无疑义; 无争论余地: He is without dispute the better player. 他无疑是较优秀的选手.