/ dI5skQs; dI`skQs/ v [Tn, Tn.pr, Tw, Tg, Tsg] ~ sth (with sb) talk or write about sth 谈论﹑ 讨论﹑ 议论﹑ 商量或论述某事物: Jack was still discussing the game (with his friends) when I got there. 我到那儿的时候, 杰克还在(跟朋友们)谈论那场比赛呢. * We discussed when to go/when we should go. 我们商量了甚麽时候动身. * They discussed selling the house. 他们商量过卖房子的事儿. * We're here to discuss Ann's joining the club. 我们这次碰头是为了谈谈安入会的事儿. * Her latest book discusses the problems of the disabled. 她 的新书论述残疾人的问题.
> discussion / dI5skQFn; dI`skQFEn/ n
[C, U] (instance of) discussing sth 谈论; 讨论; 议论; 商量; 论述: After much discussion/several lengthy discussions they decided to accept our offer. 经过反覆讨论[多次长时间的讨论], 他们决定接受我们开的价. =>Usage at talk1 用法见talk1.
(idm 习语) under discussion being talked about 正在讨论中: The plans have been under discussion for a year now, but no decision has been reached. 那些计划讨论了一年了, 还是没有结果. * the matter under discussion 正在讨论中的那件事.