/ dIs5kQvE(r); dI`skQvL/ v
[Tn, Tf, Tw] find or learn about (a place, fact, etc for the first time) 发现(某地﹑ 某事等): Columbus discovered America. 哥伦布发现了美洲. * I've discovered a super restaurant near here! 我在附近找到一家一流的餐馆! * I never discovered how to start the engine. 我怎麽也学不会发动 引擎. Cf 参看 invent1.
[Tn, Tng] find (sb/sth) unexpectedly (出乎意料地)发现﹑ 碰见或撞见(某人[某事物]): I discovered him kissing my wife. 我撞见他在吻我的妻子.
[Tn, Tf, Tw, Tnt esp passive 尤用於被动语态] come to know or realize (sth) 了解到, 认识到, 发觉(某事物): Did you ever discover who did it? 你到底发现是谁干的了吗? * We discovered that our luggage had been stolen. 我们发觉行李被偷了. * He was later discovered to have been a spy. 後来发现他原来是间谍. > discoverer n.