/ dI5skQrIdV; dIs`k[IdV/ v
[Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sb (from doing sth) take away sb's confidence or hope of doing sth 使某人丧失(做某事的)信心; 使某人泄气: Don't discourage her; she's doing her best. 别泄她的气, 她正尽力做呢.
(a) [Tn] try to stop (sth) 设法阻止(某事物): Parents should discourage smoking. 做父母的应该设法阻止子女吸烟. (b) [Tn.pr] ~ sb from doing sth persuade sb not to do sth 劝某人不要做某事: Parents should discourage their children from smoking. 做父母的应该劝子女不要吸烟.
> discouraged adj.
discouragement n (a) [U] action of discouraging; state of feeling discouraged 劝阻; 泄气. (b) [C] thing that discourages 使人泄气的事物; 挫折: Despite all these discouragements, she refused to give up. 她尽管遇到许多挫折, 却仍然不气馁.
discouraging adj: a discouraging result, reply 使人泄气的结果﹑ 回答. discouragingly adv.