1 / 5dIskaUnt; `dIskaJnt/ n [U, C]
amount of money taken off the cost of sth 从某物的价格中扣去的数目; 折扣: We give (a) 10% discount for cash, ie for immediate payment. 现金付款, 我们予以九折优待.
(commerce 商) amount deducted for paying a bill of exchange 折息贴现. Cf 参看 rebate.
(idm 习语) at a discount (a) at a reduced price 打折扣; 减价. (b) (fig 比喻) not highly valued; unfashionable 不受重视的; 不时兴的: Concern for others seems to be at (something of) a discount today. 如今好像不兴关心别人了.
# `discount house
1 (Brit commerce 商) establishment which deals in discounts (discount1 2) 贴现公司; 贴现银行.
2 (US) = discount shop.
`discount shop (also `discount store, `discount warehouse) shop which regularly sells goods at less than the usual price 廉价商店.