(also esp US disk) / dIsk; dIsk/ n
flat thin round plate, eg a coin 扁平的圆盘状物(如硬币)
small flat object of any shape 小的扁平物体: He wears an identity disc round his neck. 他脖子上挂着身分牌儿.
round surface that appears to be flat 似扁平的圆面: the moon's disc 月轮.
= record1 3: recordings on disc and cassette 唱片和盒式磁带上的录音.
(anatomy 解) layer of cartilage between the bones of the spine 椎骨间的软骨层; 椎间盘: a slipped disc, ie one that is slightly dislocated 突出的椎间盘(即轻微错位).
# `disc brake brake which consists of a flat plate pressed against a rotating plate at the centre of a (car) wheel 盘式制动器. Cf 参看 drum brake (drum1).
`disc harrow harrow with discs instead of teeth 圆盘耙(与钉耙相对).
`disc jockey (abbr 缩写 DJ) person who plays and comments on recorded popular music, esp on radio or TV 流行音乐节目主持人(尤指在广播或电视上).