/ 9dIsE5gri:; 9dIsE`^ri/ v (pt, pp -reed)
[I, Ipr] (a) ~ (with sb/sth) (about/on sth) have a different opinion (from sb); not agree 持(与某人)不同的观点; (与某人)有分歧; 不同意: Even friends sometimes disagree. 即便是朋友也有时意见不一. * disagree with sb/what sb says/sb's decision 不同意某人的观点[某人的话/某人的决定] * We disagreed on future plans. 我们对未来的计划产生了分歧. (b) ~ (with sth) not match; be different 不符; 不一致; 不同: The reports from Rome disagree with those from Milan. 罗马的报道与米兰的不符. Cf 参看 agree.
(phr v) disagree with sb (of food, climate) have a bad effect on sb; cause sb to feel unwell (指食物﹑ 气候)对某人有不良影响, 有害於某人, 使某人不舒服: I feel sick: that fish disagreed with me. 我感到恶心, 那条鱼吃得我不舒服.