1 / dIp; dIp/ v (-pp-)
[Tn, Tn.pr, Tn.p] ~ sth (into sth); ~ sth (in) put or lower sth into a liquid 将某物放入或伸入液体中; 浸; 泡; 蘸: Dip your pen (into the ink). 将钢笔(在墨水中)蘸一蘸. * Dip your fingers in to see how hot the water is. 把手指伸进水里看有多热. * dip sheep, ie immerse them in a liquid that disinfects them or kills vermin 给羊洗药浴 * dip candles, ie make them by dipping a wick into melted fat 浸制蜡烛 * to dip a garment, ie put it in a liquid dye to change its colour 浸染衣服.
[I, Ipr, Ip] go below a surface or level 下降到某一平面以下; 下跌到某一高度[水平]以下: The birds rose and dipped in flight. 鸟儿在飞行中时高时低. * The sun dipped (down) below the horizon. 太阳落到地平线下了.
[I, Tn, Tn.pr] (cause sth to) go down and then up again (使某物)向下再向上; (使某物)下降後再上升: The branches dipped in the wind. 树枝在风中上下颤动着. * dip the headlights of a car, ie lower their beams (so as not to dazzle the driver of another car) 将汽车前灯的远光调为近光(改用低位光束, 以免使另一辆车上的驾驶者眼花) * Dip your head under the low arch. 在低矮的门拱下要低头.
[I, Ip] slope downward 向下倾斜: The land dips (down) gently to the south. 这块地微微向南倾.
(phr v) dip into sth (a) take money from (eg one's savings) 从(如自己的储蓄)中取出钱: dip into one's purse, ie spend money 掏腰包(花钱). (b) make a brief study of (a book, an author, etc) 翻阅, 浏览(书﹑ 某作者的作品等): I've only had time to dip into the report. 这份报告我只来得及浏览了一遍.
# `dip-stick n rod for dipping into a tank or some other container to measure the depth of the liquid in it (esp oil in the sump of an engine) 浸量尺; (尤指测量发动机润滑油的)量油尺. =>illus at App 1 见附录1之插图, page xii.
`dip-switch n (Brit) switch for dipping a motor vehicle's headlights 调节汽车前灯远近光的开关; 汽车大灯调光开关.