/ 5dIgnEtI; `dI^nEtI/ n
[U] quality that earns or deserves respect; true worth 高尚的品质; 可贵的品质; 真正的价值; 尊严; 尊贵: the dignity of labour 劳动的尊严 * Only a truly free person has human dignity. 只有真正自由的人才具有人的尊严.
[U] calm or serious manner or style 庄严的举止; 端庄的仪态: She kept her dignity despite the booing. 尽管嘘声四起, 她依旧泰然自若.
[C] (fml 文) high or honourable rank, post or title 高位或显要职衔: The Queen conferred the dignity of a peerage on him. 女王封他为贵族.
(idm 习语) be,neath one's `dignity (often ironic 常作反语) below one's social, moral, etc standards 有失身分﹑ 尊严﹑ 体面等: Some husbands still think it beneath their dignity to do the shopping. 有些做丈夫的至今仍然认为让他们去买东西是件丢面子的事. ,stand on one's `dignity insist on behaving or being treated in a special way because one thinks oneself important (因自爱)保持尊严; (因自命不凡)摆架子: She doesn't stand on her dignity and treat the rest of us as servants. 她没有端着架子把我们当作仆人对待.