/ 5dIfIkElt; `dIfEkElt/ adj
~ (to do sth) (of tasks) requiring effort or skill; not easy (指任务)需要精力或技术的; 困难的; 不易的: a difficult problem, language, translation 难题﹑ 难学的语言﹑ 难做的翻译 * She finds it difficult to stop smoking. 她觉得戒烟很不容易. * This mountain is difficult to climb/It is difficult to climb this mountain. 这座山很难爬[爬这座山可不容易]. * Their refusal puts us in a difficult position. 他们拒绝後, 我们便陷入了困境. * They made it difficult for me to see her. 他们从中作梗, 让我不易见到她. * 13 is a difficult age, ie Children have problems then. 13岁是个出麻烦的年龄.
(of people) not easy to please or satisfy; unwilling to co-operate (指人)不易取悦的, 不易满足的, 不易相处的, 不愿合作的, 执拗的: a difficult child, customer, boss, etc 难哄的小孩﹑ 难对付的顾客﹑ 难讨好的上司 * Don't be difficult: just lend us the money. 别难为人了, 还是把钱借给我们罢.
(idm 习语) easy/difficult of approach => approach.