/ 5daIEmEnd; `daIEmEnd/ n
(a) [U, C] transparent precious stone of pure carbon in crystallized form, the hardest substance known 金刚石; 金刚钻; 钻石: a ring with a diamond in it 钻石戒指 * [attrib 作定语] a diamond ring, necklace, etc 钻石戒指﹑ 项链等. (b) [C] piece of this (often artificially made) used in industry, esp for cutting glass or as a stylus for playing records (常为人造的)工业用金刚石; (尤指)金刚石玻璃刀, 宝石唱针.
[C] figure with four equal sides and with angles that are not right angles 菱形.
(a) diamonds [sing or pl v] suit of playing-cards marked with red diamond shapes 红方块花色的纸牌: the five of diamonds 方块五 * Diamonds is/are trumps. 方块为王牌. (b) [C] playing-card of this suit 方块牌: play a diamond 出一张方块. =>illus at playing-card 见playing-card之插图.
[C] (in baseball) space inside the lines connecting the bases (棒球)内野(四垒连线内的场地).
(idm 习语) a rough diamond => rough1.
# ,diamond `jubilee (celebration of a) 60th anniversary 60周年(纪念). Cf 参看 golden jubilee (golden), silver jubilee (silver).
,diamond `wedding 60th anniversary of a wedding 钻石婚(结婚60周年纪念). Cf 参看 golden wedding (golden), silver wedding (silver).