/ dI5vEUt; dI`vot/ v [Tn.pr] ~ oneself/sth to sb/sth give (one's time, energy, etc) to sb/sth; dedicate 为某人[某事物]付出(时间﹑ 精力等); 向某人[某事物]奉献(时间﹑ 精力等); 献身於某事物: devote oneself to a noble cause 献身於一项崇高的事业 * devote all one's efforts to one's task 全力以赴地工作.
> devoted adj ~ (to sb/sth) very loving or loyal 热爱的; 非常忠实的; 全心全意的: a devoted son, friend, supporter, etc 孝子﹑ 忠实的朋友﹑ 不遗余力的支持者 * She is devoted to her children. 她深爱她的孩子. devotedly adv.