1 / 5devl; `dZvl/ n
(a) the Devil supreme evil being; Satan 魔鬼; 撒旦: The Devil tempted Adam and Eve. 魔鬼诱惑了亚当和夏娃. (b) wicked spirit 魔鬼; 鬼怪: He believes in devils and witches. 他相信魔鬼﹑ 巫婆这类事.
(infml 口) (a) wicked or mischievous person 恶人; 坏蛋; 调皮鬼; 淘气鬼: My niece is a little devil. 我的侄女是个调皮鬼. * He's a devil with (ie flirts with) the ladies. 他是个玩弄女性的家伙. (b) (used for emphasis 用以加强语气) person 人; 家伙: The poor/lucky devil! 多可怜[幸运]的家伙! * Which silly devil left the fire on all day? 是哪个笨蛋没将炉火熄掉, 烧了这一整天?
(idm 习语) be a `devil (infml joc 口, 谑) used to encourage sb to do sth he is hesitating to do 用以在某人迟疑时鼓励他去做某事: Go on, be a devil tell me what they said. 来, 怕什麽--尽管告诉我他们说了些什麽. better the devil you know => better2. between the ,devil and the ,deep (blue) `sea in a situation where there are two equally unacceptable alternatives 进退维谷; 左右为难. the devil (used for emphasis in questions 在疑问句中用以加强语气): What/Who/Why/Where the devil is that? 到底是什麽鬼名堂[是哪个家伙/是为什麽/是在什麽鬼地方]? the (very) `devil (sth) difficult or unpleasant 困难的或令人不愉快的(事物): This job is the very devil. 这工作十分棘手. * These pans are the (very) devil to clean. 这些锅太难洗乾净了. the `devil you will/won't, she can/can't, etc (infml 口) (used to emphasize a statement of refusal, an expression of surprise, etc 用作强调表示拒绝﹑ 惊讶等的语句): `I'm going to a party. ' `The devil you are!', ie I forbid it. ‘我要去参加一个聚会.’‘你敢!’(我不准). the ,devil looks ,after his `own (saying 谚) success comes to those who deserve it least 魔鬼保佑恶人(最不配成功者却能获得成功); 小人行大运. the devil makes work for idle hands (saying 谚) when people do not have enough work to do, they get into or make trouble 闲则生非. a devil of a sth/sb (dated infml 旧, 口) (used for emphasis 用以加强语气) very remarkable, difficult, awkward, etc thing or person 非常突出﹑ 麻烦﹑ 糟糕等的事或人: a devil of a pretty woman 漂亮得不得了的女人. devil's `advocate person who speaks against sb or sth simply to encourage discussion 故意提出异议以激发辩论的人; 故意唱反调的人: I don't really believe in capital punishment, I'm just playing the devil's advocate. 我并非真正主张应该有死刑, 只是故意唱唱反调罢了. the devil's own luck very good luck 极佳的运气; 鸿运. the devil take the `hindmost everybody should look after himself and not care about others 魔鬼专抓落後的(人人应自保, 不可顾他人); 要鬼捉不到, 抢在人前逃: In this business you have to be tough, and the devil take the hindmost. 干这一行必须心狠, 谁顾别人谁吃亏. give the devil his `due be just, even to those who do not deserve it 不管人好人坏, 都要公平对待; 平心而论. go to the `devil! (dated 旧) damn you! 去你的! 见鬼去吧! have a/the devil of a job doing sth (infml 口) find sth very difficult 觉得某事十分困难: I'm having a devil of a job fixing my car. 我修我这辆汽车可费劲了. like the `devil (infml 口) very hard, intensively, etc 很卖力地﹑ 强烈地等; 拚命地: run, work like the devil 拚命跑﹑ 干. needs must when the devil drives => needs (need). play the devil with sth (infml 口) harm or make sth worse 伤害; 使某事物恶化: Cold weather plays the devil with my rheumatism. 天一冷, 我的风湿病就犯了. speak/talk of the `devil (saying infml 谚, 口) (said when sb one has been talking about appears 用於说到某人, 某人就到的场合). there'll be the `devil to pay (infml 口) there will be trouble as the result of sth 那就麻烦了; 那就糟糕了; 那就要倒霉了: There'll be the devil to pay if you scratch my car! 你要是划坏了我的汽车你就有麻烦了! the world, the flesh and the devil => world.
# ,devil-may-`care adj [esp attrib 尤作定语] reckless 肆无忌惮的; 不顾一切的.