/ dI5velEp; dI`vZlEp/ v
[I, Ipr, Tn, Tn.pr] ~ (sb/sth) (from sth) (into sth) (cause sb/sth to) grow gradually; become or make more mature, advanced or organized (使某人[某事物])发展, 发育, 成长, 发达: The child is developing well. 这孩子发育良好. * The plot for the novel gradually developed in my mind. 我逐步构想出小说的情节. * The argument developed into a bitter quarrel. 这场辩论逐渐变成了激烈的争吵. * We've developed the project from an original idea by Stephen. 我们根据斯蒂芬的设想制定了这个计划. * The place has developed from a fishing port into a thriving tourist centre. 这地方由原来的渔港发展成一个繁荣的旅游胜地.
[I, Tn] (cause sth to) become noticeable, visible or active (使某事物)出现, 明显化, 显露, 变得活跃: Symptoms of malaria developed, ie appeared. 疟疾的症状出现了. * The car has developed signs of rust, ie is becoming rusty. 这辆汽车出现了锈迹.
(photography 摄) (a) [Tn] treat (an exposed film) with chemicals so that the picture can be seen 冲洗(已曝光的底片); 使(已曝光的底片)显影: take a film to be developed 将胶卷送去冲洗. (b) [I] (of the image on an exposed film or plate) become visible (指底片上的图像)显影.
[Tn] use (land) for the building of houses, etc and so increase its value 在(土地)上建筑房屋等; 开发(土地): The site is being developed by a London property company. 这块地正在由伦敦的一家地产公司开发利用.
> developed adj
1 advanced; mature 先进的; 发达的; 成熟的: a highly developed system of agriculture 十分发达的农业体系 * She is well developed for her age. 她比她的实际年龄看来早熟.
2 (economics 经) (of a country, an area, etc) with a highly organized economy (指国家﹑ 地区等)经济发达的: one of the less developed countries 发达程度较低的国家之一.
developer n 1 (photography 摄) substance used to develop films 显影剂. 2 person or company that develops land 土地开发者; 土地开发公司.
developing adj trying to become economically advanced 经济发展中的: a developing country 发展中的国家 * the developing world 发展中的世界.