/ 5despErEt; `dZspErEt/ adj
feeling or showing great despair and ready to do anything regardless of danger 感到绝望而不惜冒险的; 拚命的; 不顾一切的: The prisoners grew more desperate. 囚徒们在绝望中更加不顾死活了. * She wrote me a desperate letter. 她给我写了一封信表示因绝望而不惜孤注一掷.
[attrib 作定语] violent and sometimes against the law 凶暴的; 犯法的: a desperate criminal, act, robbery 无法无天的罪犯﹑ 行为﹑ 抢劫.
[usu pred 通常作表语] ~ (for sth/to do sth) in great need (of sth/to do sth) 极需要(某事物[做某事]): They're desperate for money. 他们极需钱. * (infml 口) Have you got some water? I'm desperate (for a drink). 你有水吗? 我很想喝(一点). * I'm desperate to see her. 我很想见到她.
extremely serious or dangerous 极严重的; 极危险的: a desperate situation, shortage, illness 危局﹑ 奇缺﹑ 重病 * The state of the country is desperate. 该国局势危殆.
[usu attrib 通常作定语] giving little hope of success; tried when all else has failed 成功希望渺茫的; 孤注一掷的: a desperate remedy, measure, etc 成功希望渺茫的补救方法﹑ 孤注一掷的措施.
> desperately adv.
desperation / 9despE5reIFn; 9dZspE`reFEn/ n [U] state of being desperate(1) 拚命; 不顾一切; 不顾死活: driven to desperation 被逼得铤而走险 * In desperation I pleaded with the attackers. 我不顾一切向攻击者哀求.