/ dI5skraIb; dI`skraIb/ v
[Tn, Tw, Cn.n/a, Dn.pr, Dpr.w] ~ sb/sth (to/for sb); ~ sb/sth as sth say what sb/sth is like; depict sth in words 描述某人[某事物]; 叙述某事物; 形容: Words cannot describe the beauty of the scene. 那景色之美难以言传. * Describe (to me) how you were received. (跟我)说说接待你的情况. * She described it as red with pink frills. 她将之描述为红色的带有粉红色饰边.
[Cn.n/a] ~ sb/sth as sth state sb/sth to be sth; call 叫做; 称做: I hesitate to describe him as really clever. 我很难说他真聪明. * He describes himself as a doctor. 他自称是医生.
[Tn] (a) draw (esp a geometrical figure) 画(尤指几何图形): describe a circle with a pair of compasses 用圆规画圆. (b) move along (a line, curve, etc) 沿(直线﹑ 曲线等)移动: A bullet describes a curved path in the air. 子弹在空中作曲线运动.