/ dI5send; dI`sZnd/ v
(fml 文) (a) [I, Tn] come or go down (sth) 下来; 下去; 下降: The balloon descended gradually as the air came out. 气球空气外逸而缓缓下降. * She descended the stairs. 她走下楼梯. (b) [I] (of a hill, etc) lead downwards; slope (指山等)下倾, 下斜: We turned the corner and saw that the road descended steeply. 我们转过弯, 看到路陡然下倾.
[Ipr] ~ from sb (of properties, qualities, rights) pass from father to son; be inherited by sb from sb (指财产﹑ 气质﹑ 权利)由父传子, 从某人处继承, 传下, 遗传: The title descends to me from my father. 这个头衔是由我父亲传给我的.
[I] (fml 文) (of night, darkness) fall (指夜﹑ 黑暗)降临: Night descends quickly in the tropics. 热带地区黑夜来得很快.
(idm 习语) be descended from sb have sb as an ancestor 为某人的後裔: She claims to be descended from royalty. 她声称她是皇室後裔.
(phr v) descend on/upon sb/sth (a) attack sb/sth suddenly 袭击某人[某物]: The police descended on their hide-out. 警察突袭了他们的藏身处. (b) visit sb/sth unexpectedly or inconveniently 出乎意料地或不合时宜地去见某人[来到某处]: My sister's family is descending on us this weekend. 想不到我姐姐一家本周末要到我们这里来. descend to sth (no passive 不用於被动语态) do or say sth that is mean and unworthy of one; stoop to sth 做或说卑鄙无耻的事; 降低身分或人格做某事: descend to fraud, abuse, bad language 堕落到去欺诈﹑ 辱骂﹑ 使用下流语言.
> descendant / -Ent; -Ent/ n person descended from another 後代; 後裔: the descendants of Queen Victoria 维多利亚女王的後裔. Cf 参看 ancestor 1.