1 / dI5pCzIt; dI`pBzIt/ v [Tn, Tn.pr]
(a) put (money) into a bank, esp to earn interest, etc 将(钱)存入银行: The cheque was only deposited yesterday, so it hasn't been cleared yet. 这张支票昨天才存入银行, 所以尚未兑现. (b) ~ sth (with sb) give (sth valuable or important) to sb to be kept in a safe place 将(有价值的或重要之物)交与某人保管: deposit papers with one's lawyer 将文件交与律师保管.
(a) pay (sth) as part of a larger sum, the rest of which is to be paid later 付(定金): I had to deposit 10% of the price of the house. 我必须先付房价的10%作定钱. (b) pay (a sum) as a guarantee in case one damages or loses sth one is renting 付(押金): You must deposit 500 as well as the first month's rent. 你必须付500英镑押金及第一个月的租赁费.
~ sth (on sth) (fml 文) (a) lay or put sth down 放下某物: He deposited the books on the desk. 他把书放在办公桌上了. * Some insects deposit their eggs on the ground. 有些昆虫把卵产在地上. (b) (esp of liquids or a river) cause (mud, silt, etc) to settle (尤指液体﹑ 河流)使(淤泥等)沉积: The Nile floods the fields and deposits mud on them. 尼罗河泛滥, 在田野上淤积一层泥.