/ dI5pendEnt; dI`pZndEnt/ adj
~ (on/upon sb/sth) needing support from sb 需要某人支持的; 依靠的; 依赖的: a woman with several dependent children 带着几个无法自理的孩子的女人 * be dependent on one's parents, a grant 依靠父母[补助].
[pred 作表语] ~ on/upon sth affected or decided by sth 取决於某事物: Success is dependent on how hard you work. 成败取决於努力的程度.
[pred 作表语] ~ on/upon sth needing sth physically 肉体上需要某物: be dependent on drugs/alcohol 有毒瘾[酒瘾]. > dependent n (esp US) = dependant.
# de,pendent `clause = subordinate clause (subordinate).