/ dI5pB:t; dI`pBrt/ v (fml 文)
[I, Ipr] ~ (for...) (from...) go away; leave 走开; 离开: We departed for London at 10 am. 我们上午10点动身去伦敦. * The 10. 15 to Leeds departs from platform 4. 10点15分开往利兹的火车在第4站台上车.
(idm 习语) depart (from) this `life (arch or rhet 古或修辞) die 去世; 亡故.
(phr v) depart from sth behave in a way that differs from (what is usual or expected) 背离; 违反: depart from routine, standard practice, old customs, etc 违反常规﹑ 惯例﹑ 旧风俗等 * depart from the truth, ie not be truthful 背离事实.