/ dens; dZns/ adj (-r, -st)
(a) very heavy in relation to each unit of volume 密度大的: a dense substance, rock, star 密度大的物质﹑ 岩石﹑ 星星. (b) (of liquids or vapour) not easily seen through (指液体﹑ 水气或烟雾)不易看透的, 浓的: dense fog/smoke 大雾[浓烟].
(of people and things) crowded together in great numbers (指人和物)稠密的, 密集的: a dense crowd, forest 密集的人群﹑ 茂密的森林.
(infml 口) stupid 愚蠢的: How can you be so dense? 你怎麽能如此愚蠢?> densely adv: a densely populated country 人口稠密的国家 * densely wooded, ie covered with trees growing close together 森林茂密的. denseness n [U].