/ dI5naIEl; dI`naIEl/ n
[C] ~ (of sth/that...) statement that sth is not true 否认: the prisoner's repeated denials of the charges against him 囚犯对被控罪名再三否认 * an official denial that there would be an election in May 官方对五月份要进行选举一事加以否认.
[C, U] (a) ~ of sth refusal to grant (justice, rights, etc) (对公正处理﹑ 权利等的)拒绝, 拒不给予: condemn the denial of basic human freedoms 谴责剥夺基本的自由权. (b) ~ (of sth) refusal (of a request, etc) (对要求等的)拒绝: the denial of his request for leave 对他请假予以拒绝.