2 / dI5laIt; dI`laIt/ v
[Tn] give great pleasure to (sb); please greatly 给(某人)乐趣; 使愉快: Her singing delighted everyone. 她的歌声使大家很愉快.
[Ipr no passive 不用於被动语态, It] ~ in sth/doing sth take great (and often cruel) pleasure in sth; enjoy sth 以某事物为乐(常为残忍的事); 喜好某事物: He delights in teasing his younger sister. 他以戏弄他妹妹为乐. * (fml 文) She delights to be surrounded by admirers. 她喜欢身边簇拥着爱慕她的人.
> delighted adj ~ (at sth/to do sth/that...) very pleased; showing delight 非常高兴的; 显示愉快的: a delighted smile, look, child 愉快的微笑﹑ 样子﹑ 小孩 * I'm delighted at your success/to hear of your success/that you succeeded. 我对你的成功[听到你成功的消息/对你已获成功]感到很高兴. * `Will you come to the party?' `I'd be delighted (to)!' ‘你来参加聚会吗?’‘很愿意来!’