1 / dI5laIt; dI`laIt/ n
[U] great pleasure; joy 高兴; 快乐; 愉快: give delight to sb 使某人快乐 * To our great delight, the day turned out fine. 我们感到高兴的是天气转晴了.
[C] cause or source of pleasure 使人高兴的原因: Her singing is a delight. 她的歌声使人快乐. * the delights of living in the country 在乡村生活的乐趣.
(idm 习语) take delight in sth/doing sth find pleasure in sth/doing sth (esp sth cruel or wrong) 以某事物[做某事]为乐(尤指残忍的事或坏事): He takes great delight in proving others wrong. 他的极大乐趣是证实别人错了.
> delightful / -fl; -fEl/ adj ~ (to sb) giving delight 使人快乐的; 令人愉快的: a delightful holiday, melody, conversation 令人愉快的假日﹑ 曲调﹑ 谈话 * No news could be more delightful to me. 这消息最令我高兴. delightfully / -fElI; -fElI/ adv.