/ 5defInEt; `dZfEnEt/ adj (a) clear; not doubtful 清楚的; 明确的; 确切的: a definite decision, opinion, result, change 明确的决定﹑ 意见﹑ 结果﹑ 变化 * I have no definite plans for tomorrow. 我明天没有确切的计划. * I want a definite answer, `yes' or `no'. 我要一个明确的答覆, ‘是’还是‘不是’. (b) [pred 作表语] ~ (about sth/that...) sure; certain 肯定; 有把握: He seemed definite about what had happened. 他好像对所发生的事情很清楚. * It's now definite that the plane crashed. 现已肯定那架飞机已坠毁.
> definitely / 5defInEtlI; `dZfEnEtlI/ adv
in a definite manner 明确地; 清楚地: She states her views very definitely. 她非常明确地阐述自己的观点.
certainly; undoubtedly 肯定地; 确实地: That is definitely correct. 那肯定正确. * Definitely not, ie No. 肯定不.
(infml 口) (in answer to questions) yes; certainly (用於回答问题)是的, 当然: `Are you coming?' `Definitely!' ‘你来吗?’‘一定来!’
# ,definite `article the word `the' 定冠词`the'. Cf 参看 indefinite article (indefinite).