/ dI5faIn; dI`faIn/ v
[Tn, Cn.n/a] ~ sth (as sth) state precisely the meaning of (eg words) 给(词语等)下定义.
[Tn, Tw] state (sth) clearly; explain (sth) 阐明(某事); 解释(某事): The powers of a judge are defined by law. 法官的权力是由法律规定的. * It's hard to define exactly what has changed. 很难解释清楚到底发生了什麽变化.
[Tn] show (a line, shape, feature, etc) clearly; outline 清楚地显示出(线条﹑ 形状﹑ 特徵等); 画出...的轮廓: When boundaries between countries are not clearly defined, there is usually trouble. 国与国的边界未明确划定则通常会发生纠纷. * The mountain was sharply defined against the eastern sky. 那座山在东方天空的衬托下显得轮廓分明. * a well-defined profile 轮廓清晰的侧面像.
> definable / -Ebl; -Ebl/ adj that can be defined 可下定义的; 可以解释的; 能显示形状﹑ 特徵等的.