/ 5dekEreIt; `dZkE9ret/ v
[Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (with sth) make sth (more) beautiful by adding ornaments to it 装饰某事物: Bright posters decorate the streets. 鲜艳的广告招贴画点缀着街道. * The building was decorated with flags. 这座建筑物有旗子作装饰. * decorate a Christmas tree with coloured lights 用彩色灯装饰圣诞树.
[I, Tn] put paint, plaster, wallpaper, etc on (a room, house, etc) 在(房屋等)上添加漆﹑ 泥灰﹑ 壁纸等: We're decorating (the kitchen) again this summer. 今年夏天我们又要修饰厨房.
[Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sb (for sth) give a medal or some other award to sb 授予某人奖章或其他奖状: Several soldiers were decorated for bravery. 有几名士兵因英勇而获奖章.
> decorator n person whose job is painting and wallpapering rooms, houses, etc (给房屋等)粉刷和糊壁纸的人: Arthur Jones, painter and decorator 油漆粉刷修饰工阿瑟?琼斯.