2 / dI5klaIn; dI`klaIn/ n
~ (in sth) gradual and continuous loss of strength, power, numbers, etc; declining (力量﹑ 权力﹑ 数量等的)消减: the decline of the Roman Empire 罗马帝国的衰亡 * a decline in population, prices, popularity 人口﹑ 价格﹑ 声望的降低.
(idm 习语) fall/go into a de`cline lose strength, influence, etc 失去力量﹑ 影响等: After his wife's death, he fell into a decline. 他在妻子死後一蹶不振. * The company has gone into a decline because of falling demand. 由於市场需求下降, 这家公司的生意每况愈下. on the de`cline becoming weaker, fewer, etc 在消减; 在衰退: She is on the decline, and may die soon. 她身体越来越弱, 恐不久於人世. * The number of robberies in the area is on the decline. 这地区的劫案在减少.