/ dI5beIt; dI`bet/ n [C, U] (a) formal argument or discussion of a question, eg at a public meeting or in Parliament, with two or more opposing speakers, and often ending in a vote (正式的)辩论, 讨论(如在公众集会或议会中, 常以表决结束): After a long debate, the House of Commons approved the bill. 经过长时间的辩论, 下议院通过了议案. * to open the debate, ie be the first to speak 开始辩论(第一个发言) * the motion under debate, ie being discussed 在辩论中的动议. (b) argument or discussion in general (一般性的)辩论, 讨论: After much debate, we decided to move to Oxford. 我们经充分讨论决定迁往牛津. * We had long debates at college about politics. 我们上大学时曾长时间地辩论政治问题. * Her resignation caused much public debate. 她辞职一事引起群众议论纷纷.
> debate v
[I, Ipr, Tn, Tw, Tg] ~ (about sth) have a debate(2) about (sth); discuss (sth) 对(某事)进行辩论; 讨论(某事): What are they debating (about)? 他们在辩论什麽? * We're just debating what to do next. 我们正讨论下一步该做什麽事. * They debated closing the factory. 他们争论是否关闭工厂.
[Tn, Tw, Tg] think (sth) over in order to decide 考虑(某事物)以决定: I debated it for a while, then decided not to go. 我反覆考虑後决定不去. * I'm debating where to go on holiday. 我在琢磨到何处度假. * He debated buying a new car, but didn't in the end. 他思量很久是否买辆新汽车, 但最後还是没买. debater n person who debates (debate 1) 辩论的人.