2 / dAm; dAm/ n (idm 习语) not be worth a damn, etc => worth. not care/give a `damn (about sb/sth) (infml 口) not care at all 毫不在乎: I don't give a damn what you say, I'm going. 不管你怎麽说, 我走定了.
> damn adj [attrib 作定语] (infml 口) (expressing disapproval, anger, impatience, etc 表示不满﹑ 愤怒﹑ 不耐烦等): Where's that damn book? 那本该死的书在哪里? * My damn car has broken down! 我的混帐汽车坏了!
damn adv (infml 口)
(a) (expressing disapproval, anger, etc 表示不满﹑ 愤怒等) very 非常: Don't be so damn silly! 别那麽傻了! * You know damn well what I mean! 你清清楚楚明白我的意思! (b) (expressing approval, etc 表示同意等) very 非常: damn good, clever, etc 非常好﹑ 聪明等 * We got out of there pretty damn fast. 我们很快就离开了那个地方.
(idm 习语) damn `all (infml 口) nothing at all 完全没有: I earned damn all last week. 我上星期分文没挣. * [attrib 作定语] It's damn all use you telling me that now! 你现在才告诉我, 管什麽用!