1 / dAm; dAm/ v
[Tn] (of God) condemn (sb) to suffer in hell (指上帝)罚(某人)入地狱受罪.
[Tn] criticize (sth) severely 严厉地批评(某事物): The play was damned by the reviewers. 这出戏被评论家批评得一无是处.
[Tn] (also euph 委婉语作 darn) (infml 口) (esp as an interj, used to express annoyance, anger, etc 尤用作感叹词, 表示厌烦﹑ 愤怒等): Damn! I've lost my pen. 倒霉! 我钢笔丢了. * Damn this useless typewriter! 这个破打字机真该死!
(idm 习语) as near as damn it/dammit => near2. damn the consequences, expense, etc never mind the difficulties 不顾一切: Let's enjoy ourselves and damn the consequences. 咱们不管三七二十一, 且玩个儿痛快. (I'm) damned if... (infml 口) I certainly do, will, etc not...; I absolutely refuse to... 我决不...; 我绝对不...: I'm damned if I'm going to let her get away with that! 我决不能就这样放过她! * Damned if I know! ie I certainly don't know. 我根本就不知道! damn sb/sth with faint `praise imply criticism by not praising enough 名褒实贬. I'll be damned! (infml 口) (used as an expression of surprise 用以表示惊奇): Well I'll be damned: she won after all! 好家伙, 她居然胜了! publish and be damned => publish.
> damning adj very unfavourable 非常不利的: damning criticism, evidence 致命的批评﹑ 证据 * a damning remark, etc 极为不利的言语等 * She said some pretty damning things about him. 她说了他一些坏话.