/ 5kQstEdI; `kQstEdI/ n [U]
(right or duty of) taking care of sb/sth 监管﹑ 监护(的权利或责任): leave one's valuables in safe custody, eg in a bank 将贵重物品妥善保管(如於银行中) * When his parents died, he was placed in the custody of his aunt. 他的父母去世以後, 他就交由姑妈照管. * The court gave the mother custody of the child, eg after a divorce. 法庭把孩子判给母亲照管(如在离婚以後). * parents involved in a battle over custody, ie disputing who should have the right to look after the children 为孩子的监护权而争得不可开交的父母.
imprisonment while awaiting trial 拘留; 羁押: The magistrate remanded him in custody for two weeks. 法官命令把他拘留两星期. * be held in custody 被拘留 * take sb into custody, ie arrest him 将某人拘捕.