/ 9kjUErI5CsEtI; 9kjJrI`BsEtI/ n
[U] ~ (about sth/to do sth) being curious(1a); inquisitiveness 好奇心; 爱打听的癖性: curiosity about distant lands 对於遥远国家的好奇心 * her burning curiosity to know what's going on 她想知道发生了何事的强烈慾望 * He gave in to curiosity and opened the letter addressed to his sister. 他抑制不住好奇心, 拆开了别人写给他妹妹的信.
[C] strange or unusual thing or person; strange or rare object 稀奇或罕见的事物或人; 奇物; 珍品: She is so eccentric that she is regarded as a bit of a curiosity. 她非常古怪, 算是个奇人.
(idm 习语) curiosity killed the `cat (saying 谚) (said to sb to stop him being too inquisitive 谓某人不可过於好奇的用语).