2 / kjUE(r); kjJr/ n
[C] act of curing or process of being cured 治疗; 治愈: The doctor cannot guarantee a cure. 医生不能保证治愈. * Her cure took six weeks. 她的病用了六个星期才治好. * effect/work a cure 治愈[治疗].
[C, U] ~ (for sth) substance or treatment that cures; remedy 药物; 疗法: Is there a certain cure for cancer yet? 癌症迄今有无有效的治疗方法? * a disease with no known cure 迄今仍然无法可治的疾病 * He has tried all sorts of cures, but without success. 他已试用过各种各样的疗法, 但仍不见效. * (fig 比喻) What is the cure for the plight of the homeless? 帮助无家可归者摆脱困境有何措施?
[C, U] (fml 文) duties of a priest 牧师的职务: the cure of souls, ie looking after people's spiritual welfare 拯救灵魂的工作 * obtain/resign a cure, ie a position as a priest 就任[辞去]牧师职务.
(idm 习语) prevention is better than cure => prevention.