1 / kjUE(r); kjJr/ v
(a) [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sb (of sth) make sb healthy again 治愈某人: The doctors cured her of cancer. 医生治好了她的癌症. (b) [Tn] provide a successful remedy for (an illness, etc) 治好(疾病等): This illness cannot be cured easily. 这种病不好治.
(a) [Tn] (fig 比喻) find a solution to (sth); put an end to 解决(某事物); 了结: Ministers hoped that import controls might cure the economy's serious inflation. 部长们希望实行进口控制或可抑止经济上严重的通货膨胀. (b)[Tn.pr] ~ sb of sth (fig 比喻) stop sb from behaving unpleasantly, harmfully, etc 矫正某人的不良行为: That nasty shock cured him of his inquisitiveness for ever. 那一沉重教训根除了他凡事爱打听的毛病.
[Tn] treat(meat, fish, tobacco, etc) by salting it, smoking it, drying it, etc in order to keep it in good condition (用腌﹑ 燻﹑ 烤等方法)加工处理(肉﹑ 鱼﹑ 烟草等): well-cured bacon 精制的燻猪肉.
(idm 习语) kill or cure => kill.