2 / krQF; krQF/ n
[sing] crowd of people pressed close together 拥挤的人群: a big crush in the theatre bar 剧院小卖部里拥挤不堪的人群 * I couldn't get through the crush. 我无法从人群中挤过去.
[C] ~ (on sb) (infml 口) strong but typically brief liking (for sb); infatuation (对某人的)强烈而短暂的喜爱, 迷恋: Schoolchildren often have/get crushes on teachers. 小学生往往很钦佩老师.
[U] (Brit) drink made from fruit juice 果汁饮料: lemon crush 柠檬饮料.
# `crush barrier fence put up to control crowds 防挤栏杆.