1 / krQF; krQF/ v
[Tn, Tn.pr] press or squeeze (sth/sb) hard so that there is breakage or injury 压(或挤)坏, 压(或挤)伤(某物[某人]): Don't crush the box; it has flowers in it. 别把盒子压破了, 里面有花. * Wine is made by crushing grapes. 葡萄酒是压榨葡萄制成的. * Several people were crushed to death by the falling rocks. 有几个人被落下来的岩石压死了.
[Tn, Tn.p] ~ sth (up) break sth hard into small pieces or into powder by pressing 捣(或碾)碎某物; 把某物捣(或碾)成粉末: Huge hammers crush (up) the rocks. 用大锤把岩石砸成了碎块.
[I, Tn] (cause sth to) become full of creases or irregular folds (使某物)显得皱皱巴巴的: The clothes were badly crushed in the suitcase. 衣服压在箱子里皱得不像样子了. * Some synthetic materials do not crush easily. 有些化纤衣料不易起皱.
[Tn] defeat (sb/sth) completely; subdue 消灭, 击溃, 镇压(某人[某事物]); 制服: The rebellion was crushed by government forces. 政府军已把叛乱镇压下去. * Her refusal crushed all our hopes. 她一拒绝, 我的希望就全都破灭了. * He felt completely crushed (ie humiliated) by her last remark. 他听到她最後的一番话感到深受凌辱.
(phr v) crush (sb/sth) into, past, through, etc sth (cause sb/sth to) move into or through a narrow space by pressing or pushing (使某人[某物])挤入或挤过: A large crowd crushed past (the barrier). 大群的人挤过了(障碍物). * You can't crush twenty people into such a tiny room. 不能让二十个人挤进这样一个狭小的房间里. * The postman tried to crush the packet through the letter-box. 邮递员使劲把邮件塞进信箱里. crush sth out (of sth) remove sth by pressing or squeezing 挤出或榨出某物: crush the juice out of oranges 榨橙子汁 * (fig 比喻) With his hands round her throat he crushed the life out of her. 他双手扼住她的喉咙把她掐死了.
> crushing adj [usu attrib 通常作定语]
1 overwhelming 压倒的: a crushing defeat, blow, etc 惨重的失败﹑ 打击等.
2 intended to subdue or humiliate 企图制服或羞辱对方的: a crushing look, remark, etc 让人受不了的脸色﹑ 话语等. crushingly adv.