/ kru:z; kruz/ v
[I, Ipr, Ip] sail about, either for pleasure or, in wartime, looking for enemy ships (航船)巡游, 巡航: a destroyer cruising about (in) the Baltic Sea 在波罗的海游弋的驱逐舰.
(a) [I, Ipr, Ip] (of a motor vehicle or an aircraft) travel at a moderate speed, using fuel efficiently (指机动车辆或飞行器)(以节省燃料的)中等速度行进: cruising at 10000 ft/350 miles per hour 以每小时10000英尺[350英里]的中速航行 * a cruising speed of 50 miles per hour 每小时50英里的中等速度. (b) [I, Ipr, Ip] drive a vehicle at a moderate speed 以中等速度行驶: Taxis cruised about, hoping to pick up late fares. 计程车以中等速度转来转去, 希望能招揽到晚归的乘客.
[I] (sl 俚) (esp of a homosexual) go about in public places looking for someone to have sex with (尤指同性恋者)在公共场寻找性伴侣.
> cruise n pleasure voyage 海上航游; 乘船游览: go on/for a cruise 作一次海上航游 * a round-the-world cruise 乘船周游世界.
cruiser / `kru:zE(r); `kruzL/ n
1 large warship 巡洋舰.
2 (also `cabin-cruiser) motor boat with sleeping accommodation, etc, used for pleasure trips 机动游艇(有住宿设备等).
# `cruise missile missile, usu with a nuclear warhead, that flies at low altitude and is guided by its own computer 巡航导弹.