1 / kraUn; kraJn/ n
(a) [C] ornamental head-dress made of gold, jewels, etc worn by a king or queen on official occasions 王冠; 皇冠. (b) (the Crown or the crown) [sing] the State as represented by a king or queen as its head 王国: land owned by the Crown 王国的土地 * a minister of the Crown 王国的大臣 * Who appears for the Crown (ie Who is prosecuting the accused person on behalf of the State) in this case? 谁在该案中代表王国政府出庭? * [attrib 作定语] Crown land, property, etc 王国政府的土地﹑ 财产等 * a crown witness, ie for the prosecution in a criminal case 刑事案件中提起公诉一方的证人. (c) the crown [sing] the office or power of a king or queen 王位; 王权: She refused the crown, ie refused to become queen. 她拒不接受王位. * relinquish the crown, ie abdicate 放弃王位.
[C] circle or wreath of flowers, leaves, etc worn on the head, esp as a sign of victory, or as a reward 花冠(用花﹑ 叶等做的环状物, 戴在头上, 尤指象徵胜利或作为奖赏者): Christ's crown of thorns 基督的荆冠 * (fig 比喻) two boxers fighting it out for the world heavyweight crown, ie championship 争夺世界重量级冠军宝座的两名拳击手.
(usu 通常作 the crown) [sing] (a) top of the head or of a hat 头顶; 帽顶. (b) top part of anything 物之顶部: the crown of a hill, tree 山顶; 树颠 * the crown (ie the highest part of the curved surface) of a road 弯曲路面的最高部分 * A motor cycle overtook us on the crown (ie the middle or most curved part) of the bend. 有一辆摩托车在拐弯处超过了我们.
[C] (a) part of the tooth that is visible outside the gum 齿冠. (b) artificial replacement for this 假齿冠.
[C] crown- shaped emblem or ornament, eg a crest or badge 王冠或花冠状的标记或饰物(如纹章或徽章): A major has a crown on the shoulder of his uniform. 一名少校在制服的肩部有个王冠形的纹章.
[C] former British coin worth 5 shillings (25p) 5先令(25便士)的英国旧币.
# ,crown `colony colony ruled directly by the British government (英国政府)直辖殖民地.
,crown `court (in England and Wales) local court in which serious criminal cases are tried (英格兰及威尔士的)地方刑事法院. Cf 参看 county court (county).
,crown `jewels crown and other regalia worn or carried by a king or queen on formal occasions (君主於正式场合穿戴的或携带的)王冠及其他象徵王权之物, 御宝.
,crown `prince prince who will become the next king 王储; 皇太子.
,crown prin`cess wife of a crown prince 储妃.