2 / kraUd; kraJd/ v
[Ipr, Ip] ~ around/round(sb) gather closely around (sb) 聚集在(某人)周围: People crowded round to get a better view. 人们争相围观. * Pupils crowded round (their teacher) to ask questions. 小学生围着(老师)提问题.
[Tn] fill (a space) so that there is little room to move 充塞(某空间): Tourists crowded the pavement. 游客把人行道挤得水泄不通. * crowd a restaurant, theatre, beach, etc 挤满餐厅﹑ 剧院﹑ 海滨等.
[Tn] (infml 口) put pressure on (sb); harass
给(某人)施加压力; 逼迫: Don't crowd me: give me time to think! 不要逼我: 给我时间让我想想!
(idm 习语) crowd on `sail (nautical 海) raise many sails in order to increase speed 扬起许多风帆(以增加速度).
(phr v) crowd in on sb (of thoughts, etc) come into the mind in large numbers (指想法等)大量涌现: Memories crowded in on me. 往事一齐涌上我心头. crowd into sth; crowd in move in large numbers into a small space 大批涌入(某狭小空间内): Supporters crowded through the gates into the stadium. 来捧场的人挤过大门, 涌入运动场. * We'd all crowded into Harriet's small sitting-room. 我们大家涌进了哈丽特那狭小的客厅. * (fig 比喻) Disturbing thoughts crowded into my mind. 我心乱如麻. crowd sb/sth into sth; crowd sb/sth in put many people or things into a small space or period of time; cram (sb/sth) into sth 使很多人或物挤进狭小空间或在短时期涌现出来; 勉强塞入: They crowd people into the buses. 他们让许多人挤进公共汽车里. * Guests were crowded into the few remaining rooms. 把客人都挤在剩余的几个房间里了. * She crowds too much detail into her paintings. 她的画过於繁杂. crowd sb/sth out (of sth) (a) keep sb/sth out of a space by filling it oneself 挤占某空间使某人[某物]无法进入: The restaurant's regular customers are being crowded out by tourists. 这家餐馆的老主顾被游客挤得不得其门而入. (b) prevent sb/sth from operating successfully 排挤某人[某事物]: Small shops are being crowded out by the big supermarkets. 小商店受到大型超级市场不断排挤.
> crowded adj
1 having (too) many people 人(太)多的; 拥挤的: crowded buses, roads, hotels 拥挤的公共汽车﹑ 繁忙的道路﹑ 住满人的旅馆.
2 (fig 比喻) ~(with sth) full (of sth) (被某事物)占满的: days crowded with activity 忙得不可开交的日子 * We had a very crowded schedule on the trip. 我们的旅行日程排得满满的.