1 / kraUd; kraJd/ n
[CGp] (a) large number of people gathered together in the open 人群: A crowd had already collected outside the embassy gates. 使馆大门外已经聚集了一群人. * He pushed his way through the crowd. 他在人群中往前挤. * Police had to break up the crowd. 警察不得不驱散人群. * [attrib 作定语] crowd control 人群控制. (b) mass of spectators; audience 观众; 听众: The match attracted a large crowd. 那项比赛吸引了大批观众. * The crowd cheered the winning hit. 观众为那致胜的一击喝彩.
the crowd [sing] (derog 贬) people in general 人们: move with the crowd, ie do as everybody else does 随大溜.
[CGp] (infml 口) group; company 一伙人; 一帮人: I don't associate with that crowd. 我不跟那伙人打交道.
(idm 习语) crowds/a (whole) crowd (of) very many (people) 许许多多(人): There were crowds of people waiting to get in. 有许许多多的人在等着进去. * A whole crowd of us arrived at the party uninvited. 我们这一大批不速之客来到了聚会场所. follow the crowd => follow.
# `crowd-puller n (infml 口) person or thing that attracts a large audience 吸引大批观众(或听众)的人或事物.