/ 5krItIkl; `krItIkl/ adj
~ (of sb/sth) looking for faults; pointing out faults 找出毛病的; 指出缺点的; 批评的; 非难的: a critical remark, report, etc 批评性的议论﹑ 报道等 * The inquiry was critical of her work. 该项调查对她的工作提出了批评. * (derog 贬) Why are you always so critical? 你怎麽老是这样吹毛求疵? * (approv 褒) Try to develop a more critical attitude, instead of accepting everything at face value. 要学会对一切事物一丝不苟, 而不要注重表面现象.
[attrib 作定语] of the art of making judgements on literature, art, etc (文学﹑ 艺术等)评论手法的: In the current critical climate her work is not popular. 在当前的评论风气的影响下, 她的作品不怎麽受欢迎. * The film has received critical acclaim, ie praise from the critics. 影片得到了评论界的赞誉.
of or at a crisis; decisive; crucial 危机中的; 危急时刻的; 决定性的; 关键的: We are at a critical time in our history. 我们正处於历史的紧要关头. * The patient's condition is critical, ie He is very ill and may die. 病人情况危殆. * Her help was critical (ie of great importance) during the emergency. 在紧急的情况下她的援助至为重要.
(idm 习语) go `critical (of a nuclear reactor) reach a state where a nuclear reaction sustains itself (指核反应堆)达到临界状态. > critically / -IklI; -IklI/ adv: speak critically of sb 非议某人 * He is critically ill. 他病得很重.
# ,critical `path analysis the study of a set of operations (eg in building a ship) to decide the quickest and most efficient order in which to do them 关键途径分析法(分析整体工作以制定出最快﹑ 最有效的程序).
,critical `temperature temperature below which a gas cannot be liquefied 临界温度.