1 / krAb; krAb/ n
(a) [C] ten-legged shellfish 蟹. =>illus at shellfish 见shellfish之插图. (b) [U] its flesh as food 蟹肉: dressed crab, ie prepared for eating 加作料的蟹肉.
the Crab [sing] the fourth sign of the zodiac; Cancer 巨蟹宫(黄道第四宫); 巨蟹星座.
[C] (infml 口) = crab-louse.
(idm 习语) catch a crab => catch1.
> crabwise / 5krAbwaIz; `krAb9waIz/ adv sideways, often in a stiff or ungainly way (常为僵硬或笨拙的方式)横向地, 蟹行般地: shuffle crabwise across the floor 拖着脚在室内横着走过去.
# `crab-louse n parasitic insect found in the hairy parts of the body 阴蝨.