/ 5kaUbRI; `kaJ9bRI/ n
man, usu on horseback, who looks after grazing cattle in the western parts of the US (美国西部的)牛仔, 牧童: [attrib 作定语] a cowboy movie, ie one featuring adventures in the American West 牛仔影片.
(Brit infml derog 口, 贬) tradesman or businessman whose work, business practices, etc are incompetent or dishonest 无能的或不老实的商人或经营者: The house has all these defects because it was built by cowboys. 这所房屋有这麽多毛病, 其原因就在於承建者都是滑头. * [attrib 作定语] cowboy builders, stockbrokers, etc 不老实的建筑商﹑ 证券经纪人等.