/ ku:; ku/ n (pl ~s / ku:z; kuz/)
surprising and successful action 意外而成功的行动: She pulled off a great coup in getting the president to agree to an interview. 她竟然办到了让总统同意接受采访.
(also French 法语借词 coup d'etat / ku: deI5tB: ; `kude`ta/, pl coups d'etat / ku: deI5tB: ; `kude`ta/) sudden unconstitutional, often violent, change of government 政变: The army staged a coup (d'etat). 军方发动了一场政变. * a bloodless coup 不流血的政变.
# coup de grace / 9ku: dE 5grB:s; [email protected] 5grs; kudE`^rB:s/ (pl coups de grace / 9ku: dE 5grB:s; [email protected] -5grs; kudE`^rB:s/) blow that kills a person or an animal, esp for reasons of mercy 致命的一击(尤指为解除垂死时痛苦者): (fig 比喻) Poor exam results dealt the coup de grace to (ie ended) his hopes of staying on at university. 他考试成绩不好, 继续念大学的希望一下子破灭了.