/ 5kCtIdV; `kBtIdV/ n small simple house, esp in the country 简陋的小屋; (尤指)村舍: farm labourers' cottages 农场雇工的小屋.
> cottager / 5kCtIdVE(r); `kBtIdVL/ n person who lives in a cottage 住农舍者; 村民.
# ,cottage `cheese type of soft white cheese made from skimmed milk 农家乳酪(一种脱脂的白色软乾酪).
,cottage `hospital (Brit) small hospital in the country 乡间诊疗所.
,cottage `industry business that can be carried on at home, esp skilled manual work such as knitting, pottery, some kinds of weaving, etc 家庭手工业(如针织﹑ 制陶﹑ 某些编织等).
,cottage `loaf (Brit) loaf consisting of a large round mass of bread with a smaller one on top 农家面包(大小两个圆面包相叠的).
,cottage `pie = shepherd's pie (shepherd).